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Because women still want men to rescue them

chess white knight

Women will complain they are miserable because of their man and the way he treats them, but they still expect him to fix it.

They’re waiting for him to ride in on his white horse.

Women can’t forgive men for being human. It’s not part of the deal anyway – the deal being a woman will be less than human so that he can be more than human. Women want to be the weak ones in the relationship; they want to be looked after.

Women are resentful when a man makes them unhappy and he can do this by things as diverse as: not asking her how her day was in the right tone of voice through to being unable to fix her abusive parents. Because she is still waiting for him to rescue her, and his inability to do so is revealed more and more over time, her resentment that he can’t builds proportionately over time.

in romance novels men always rescue women, so women have no need to rescue themselves – nor be ashamed of their desire to be rescued. In fact what often happens is as soon as this desire is met, women find their own independance.


Because men prefer younger women


denialMen prefer younger women.

They pretend the reason for this is biological; that the drive to make babies makes them attracted to young women. However, like most theories designed to justify male bad habits – this doesn’t work in the reverse. A woman shouldn’t have a younger man. And if she does – he is a loser.

Of course the real reason (which all women without exception know) men like young women is they’re scared of being exposed as stupid.  Even young women know men need them to be bimbos; which is why they go to so much trouble to act that way. For the comfort of men.

By the time a woman gains some experience she’s ready to talk and men get terrified. they don’t want an intelligent woman (not because they’re not attracted to her) because they fear their own stupidity being revealed.

Men will go to great lengths to justify this cowardice; cop opting nature and even god into their justifications. even young men will defend the right of old men to pursue eighteen year old women, because they know enough to know they are already scared of intelligent women.

In romance novels, as we’ve seen previously, the men are not afraid of intelligent women so females can extend their minds AND be loved in their beds at night.

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