Because men have made feminism all about men

young feminist woman and businessman formation collage

Men are threatened by feminism.

This is fair enough, seeing as the bulk of what feminism wants to do is remove male privilege, and create a level playing field. This inevitably means women’s efforts get recognised and men have to make an effort to get recognised.

So you can understand why some men might not be thrilled about the idea.

However, the best attack on feminism – and one that men are particularly good at – is to kerfuffle the idea so that when you talk about feminism – its all about men. How men ‘feel’ about it, how they are ‘coping’ in the work place, how confused they are on dates, what they think of Germaine Greer, do they keep opening car doors, and their opinions on female sports presenters. These have become the primary ‘issues’ that ‘feminism’ has to deal with cleverly making the topic primarily a male topic.

Even amongst women, you will find the topic of feminism will either start with or turn quickly to, men. How does your husband feel about it;  are men turned on by feminism;  and my personal favourite, I would be a feminist but my husband wants me to shave my legs.

In romance novels feminism isn’t really an issue. Some protagonists are, some aren’t, but their men love them anyway, aren’t threatened and really really don’t need to make it all about them.



7 Responses to “Because men have made feminism all about men”

  1. 1 fabooks May 4, 2010 at 4:37 am

    Is There a Cure for Masculinity?
    By Adam Jukes

    • Why is it so hard to get close to a man?
    • Why don’t men express emotions except big ones like anger and frustration?
    • Why is most perversion male; why is most pornography produced by men for men? Why is risk taking male and drinking, drug taking, gambling and infidelity are predominantly the preserve of men?
    • Why is most criminal behavior perpetrated by men? Why is the vast majority of domestic abuse and violence perpetrated by men?
    • Why are men so concerned with the size of their penis and its symbolic substitutes – big, powerful cars, status, big houses, big money, and big muscles?
    • Why can’t men tolerate vulnerability?
    • Why do men lie, don’t listen, don’t do housework, parenting?

    The answers to these questions, is the aim of this book. The author asks what it means to be a man, and what part masculinity play in men’s identity. What is it like to have to spend so much time and energy in managing that identity?

    Adam Jukes has spent most of his professional life working with troubled and disturbed men, and in 1984 he opened one of the world’s first treatment centers to address men’s abusive and violent behavior towards women, from verbal and emotional abuse through to stalking and murder.

    In the following decades that work developed into a clinical examination of masculinity and the author now shares his insights and conclusions with the reader. Juke’s conclusions about what constructs masculinity and how it develops may be unpalatable to some but it is also thought provoking and intriguing to anyone who has an interest in these issues whether professional or personal, male or female, wife or lover, sister or brother, husband or father.

    £14.95/$34.50 September 2010 240pp 9781853432095 pb

  2. 3 gooddump May 21, 2010 at 6:11 pm


    Feminism is about neutering gender and ignoring sex. Maybe it’s a swinging pendulum and the fact that women were so legally and socially limited that the only way for women to get rights was to defect and act like men, but it’s become the standard — feminists built a culture around the idea that there is no difference between the genders, thus neutering themselves and men.

    A job should be a job. It should pay the same no matter who is doing it, gender, race, whatever. No one should have to worry about being abused in a relationship. Banks shouldn’t even have a gender box on the loan applications.

    But if they ever find a cure for masculinity and femininity, shoot me. Shoot me multiple times and then burn my body. Because that’s the day the Borg take over Earth.

    • 4 Barbra Novac May 21, 2010 at 9:42 pm

      Definitely agree that a job is a job and if you do it you shuld just get paid for it.
      Nothing else comes into that equasion!
      thanks for the comment

      • 5 fbombsucks October 20, 2012 at 9:32 am

        So a female fire fighter or police officer should get paid the same even though she is far less capable in either of these jobs and has lower entry standards just so she can work this job? Thats not equality. Thats preference. Further to this article about men making feminism about men, I disagree. Rather I find most mens problem with feminism is women. Women are fast becoming toxic. Feminism is teaching women that they don’t have to be responsible for there actions nor should they control themselves. This would be fine if the same were true for men. However it is constantly drummed into men that they must excerpt self control over themselves and take full responsibility for there actions. Where is the equality in that. Women are become more increasingly violent, yet we are making laws that justify when a woman is violent. Even if that violence is premeditated murder. Women are become increasingly more greedy. They want to have all the high paying jobs. They don’t want to have to earn there way in. Women are becoming selfish. You don’t want equal rights, you want an easy ride with no draw backs, no compromise. Sorry feminists the world doesn’t work like that. As the old saying goes – ‘don’t rob peter to pay paul’

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