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Because women don’t want to take advantage of opportunity

the easy way or the hard way

Women are filled with razor sharp criticism when it comes to others, but they are remarkably incapable of applying that same criticism to themselves.

They prefer excuses when it comes to ‘why’ their own life is a mess / dreams aren’t fulfilled / opportunities haven’t been taken. There are a thousand reasons, all conspiring against a woman to do something other than complain about what others are doing.

Women complained for centuries that legislation withheld possibility from them. Now that this legislation has all but been diligently removed, they either still complain, or get very ‘busy’ with the business of nurturing others.

They can’t take advantage of the opportunities to contribute to a whole society that have been placed in their lap.

A woman would much rather complain that she would have LOVED to take that opportunity that came her way, but she had to get the kids breakfasts, she had to make the beds and get the washing on the line, she had to feed the pets and then the bus was late, so she has missed her chance.

We used to think it was fear, and in some societies, this can still be seen to be the case, but in our western society, there is really no excuse for a woman not getting out there and contributing to something larger than herself.

In romance novels, women are busy with life and contribution because the women who write them are busy with life and contribution. Therefore, they write exciting characters who are trying to make a difference. Their men are never threatened by their attempts to take opportunity, and what results is exciting relationships that intelligent women dream of creating in their own lives.



Because men have trouble with other points of view

Man in front of a choice

Alternate ways of looking at something is very difficult for a man. Part of the assumption of male privilege, means that men don’t actually know that there are other ideas out there. They have the idea – it’s called a fact – and other people say things and need to be informed of the facts.


This is partly why it is very difficult for men to ask for directions or follow instruction when setting up household gadgets. If they don’t actually know it, it isn’t known.

There are some circumstances where men are able to be taught things. They will do it in a framework of understanding like a university course or some other kind of school course. In this situation, however, it is expected that the man who is learning the new thing, will be able to achieve a piece of paper that tells everyone that he now officially knows that thing. For a man, this means that he is as accomplished as every other person who holds the same piece of paper, regardless of how many years they’ve held it, or how many other papers they have as well as it.

Only if a man can receive the piece of paper proving he has learnt the new thing, is he willing to concede that he didn’t know something in the first place,. And even while he is learning, he assumes (as we have seen previously) that he is a geniuses; that no other student is as advanced as he; and he secretly and naturally knows more than his professor anyway.

In romance novels, it isn’t a sign of weakness for a man if he doesn’t know something. It isn’t a sign of weakness if someone else knows something and they found it out before him – even if it is something he is interested in. Intelligent women read romance novels because they are excited and fascinated by this kind of man and want to read more and more about him.


Because women are always on a diet

feet on a bathroom scale - isolated

Okay – it’s the post we had to have.

Women do not know how eternally irritating it is that they are constantly on a diet.

Or is that really the case?

Women DO know how irritating it is that they are always on a diet. But like the two year old who clamps their mouth shut, and turns their head on your oncoming ‘aeroplane’ overladen with mush, women refuse food as a grasp at power.

It is assumed by psychologists that children get to a certain age and begin to refuse certain foods; because it is one of the few areas they can control their parents. They will change their favourites at the drop of a hat just to confuse and confound their parents.

Even though women are at the mercy of the latest diet fad, even though the bulk of women are trying to please their families at meal time, even though all doctors say it is terribly unhealthy to change diets all the time; they still think when dieting that they are controlling themselves. And this is the key to why women won’t give up on the diet thing.

Of course, they get to control others as well. They get to sit in front of the family like a martyr when they’ve made pot roast for everyone else with their dry rice cake; plus they get to go to their girlfriends house, see an enormous dinner that she’d spent hours preparing and say “gee, I don’t eat that anymore – didn’t I tell you?” and proceed to pull the rice cake out of their bag.

In romance novels women have access to control in their lives. They are often in the career of their choice (and doing very well thanks very much) or they have a strong and determined spirit. The men they love adore them back and encourage their freedoms, so they never feel that they have to assert themselves with petty rebellions such as refusing food.


Because men are terrified of being gay

Gay pride flag

Men are more scared of being approached by a man than almost anything else. Several reasons have been put forward for; but the reason that we know more and more to be true, is that men are afraid they’ll give in.

That’s it. That is what is at the bottom of all this carry-on about not being gay. Secretly, men know that if the circumstances were right, they’d probably give it a go. They are terrified of anyone finding this out about them.

What they don’t realise is, we all know.

The more homophobic a man is, the more likely to turn to another man given the right circumstances. It comes back to that old Shakespeare quote – me thinks the lady doth protest too much. The louder the squeal, the less convincing the argument.

The best example of the biggest protest against being gay ever, is Hugh Heffner. I have never, EVER seen a man more determined to convince the world he is not gay. But really, what else could you say about a man that turns normal, sexy looking women into Barbie? There is only ONE kind of man that I know of who is collecting real life Barbie dolls.

This still doesn’t really address why men are terrified of being called gay. One of the best explanations I have ever heard is that men will try to kill anyone who treats them like a woman – because every man knows deep down how badly he treats women. To be relegated to the status of ‘woman’ in a connection is the deepest insult.

In romance novels, men are rarely, if ever, challenged by bi sexuality or homosexuality. The reason for this is simple. It is an enormous turn on for women to think of two men together, and so many erotic romance novels address this by giving the hero a homo moment. And the more intelligent the woman, the more she loves it!

Because women still want men to rescue them

chess white knight

Women will complain they are miserable because of their man and the way he treats them, but they still expect him to fix it.

They’re waiting for him to ride in on his white horse.

Women can’t forgive men for being human. It’s not part of the deal anyway – the deal being a woman will be less than human so that he can be more than human. Women want to be the weak ones in the relationship; they want to be looked after.

Women are resentful when a man makes them unhappy and he can do this by things as diverse as: not asking her how her day was in the right tone of voice through to being unable to fix her abusive parents. Because she is still waiting for him to rescue her, and his inability to do so is revealed more and more over time, her resentment that he can’t builds proportionately over time.

in romance novels men always rescue women, so women have no need to rescue themselves – nor be ashamed of their desire to be rescued. In fact what often happens is as soon as this desire is met, women find their own independance.

Because men prefer younger women


denialMen prefer younger women.

They pretend the reason for this is biological; that the drive to make babies makes them attracted to young women. However, like most theories designed to justify male bad habits – this doesn’t work in the reverse. A woman shouldn’t have a younger man. And if she does – he is a loser.

Of course the real reason (which all women without exception know) men like young women is they’re scared of being exposed as stupid.  Even young women know men need them to be bimbos; which is why they go to so much trouble to act that way. For the comfort of men.

By the time a woman gains some experience she’s ready to talk and men get terrified. they don’t want an intelligent woman (not because they’re not attracted to her) because they fear their own stupidity being revealed.

Men will go to great lengths to justify this cowardice; cop opting nature and even god into their justifications. even young men will defend the right of old men to pursue eighteen year old women, because they know enough to know they are already scared of intelligent women.

In romance novels, as we’ve seen previously, the men are not afraid of intelligent women so females can extend their minds AND be loved in their beds at night.

Beacuse women sell out to men

business man and woman shaking hands over briefcas

Women sell out. And I mean they sell out everything. They sell out friends, family, career, ideals, perspectives, and even their own children, for the approbation of men.

Sometimes, when women get together, they fantasise about how things would be if all the women banded together to make something happen. Because women have the numbers (China is trying to address this imbalance, but they’re not there yet) they know that using those numbers to their best advantage in a democracy will get things changed.

But there is one powerful element they are up against; one foe so sinister that they will out think they’re every move; One enemy of female emancipation so potent that it can find the deepest weakness in a group of women and exploit it – other women.

Because men have power, women like to flatter men – in many and varied ways – in order to take power from them. This is the only way in the past that women have successfully taken power for themselves, but it only works on an individual basis. Typically bound by desperate short sightedness and a general ‘dumbness’, women will not give this power up.

No matter how tantalising the promise of opportunity and power on the other side, women will not stop the pandering that leads to opportunity. And they will sacrifice mercilessly. They will stop perusing scientific research if men don’t like their findings. They will dump a treasured long term girlfriend if the ten day old boyfriend tells them to. They will even leave their children virtually unsupervised in the playground, if a cute guy is chatting them up in the corner.

In romance novels the women are of much higher charter. They only care about the good opinion of their own man, not all men, and they stand and fight for themselves and their integrity all the time. Intelligent women see this and they love to dip into a fantasy world where women are like this all the time.

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