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Because women think celebrities are their friends

Superstar crowded by paparazzi

Do you wonder why women read those terrible gossip magazines? Do you wonder why women are so interested in the lives of people they don’t know?

This is because women actually think they DO know these people. Do you remember when you were a teenager and you ‘fell in love’ with the lead singer of that band and you thought to yourself – ‘if only they KNEW me, I just know we’d be together.” Or “I know them better than anyone else. I’d love to talk to them. I know deep down we’d be great friends.”

These magazines are an extension of that time in adolescence you thought that by listening to that song, that you could see into that artists heart.

Women who read these magazines believe them. They DO think the people in those magazines are their friends. They will read it then defend Angelina  and Brad by saying to their friends around them “I love this couple and everything they stand for. I know this article is a lie. As if he would be cheating on HER!” Or they will say “See, I never liked Nicole Kidman! Even when the whole world loved her, I knew deep down that there was something not right there.”

Women think they are reading articles and comments about their friends – not distant people who they have never known and never will. And worse than that, they also think Brad, Angelina, Lindsay and Princes Mary are grateful for their valuable friendship or that they are ‘aware’ and afraid of their knowledgeable judgement.

In romance novels women rarely indulge in gossip magazines. Gossip exists but it is generally legitimised and between people who actually know each other. Gossip does not involve people who live lifetimes we can know nothing about under complex difficulties we couldn’t possibly judge. And women on romance novels rarely have the time to devote to chasing titbits of information that have no foundation in reality.



Because women are so competitive



Pop Culture will tell you that a woman is not competitive. Competition is the man’s world. However, as usual, when you look into it, the reverse is the truth.

Competition runs deepest in women, and it is far more ruthless than in men. Men have physical tousles to mental jousts to energise themselves and come out stronger (more on this later). However, women are merciless. They will easily commit almost any deed to get the thing that they want more than anything else.

That thing is power. Power over others that they feel they need, or power over themselves.

When you are needed or loved by a woman, you are at your most vulnerable. Women will go to great lengths to reduce the self esteem of someone they love, in order to keep control of them. They will do this with their children and their friends. A woman will happily cripple the self esteem of their own child, or their capacity to take on the world in a robust fashion, simply so she gets to feel needed for the rest of her life.

A woman will look her friend up and down in their dress, scrutinise them, and then break out in a smile and Says “You look lovely” which means “Phew! You’re no competition.”

And the friend knows this.

The reason women love the gossip magazines are because stars are revealed to be ordinary, have pimples, cellulite and wrinkles. Instead of thinking, “she’s just like me”, the woman will be thinking “good, when I finally get rid of all those things I will be better than her too.” She wants to see Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Paris Hilton, Princess Mary, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan looking ugly, with no makeup, stressed, exhausted and above all else, fat.

In romance novels no woman is disappointed with her life and therefore no woman needs to be envious and competitive with another woman. If any woman is, she is instantly exposed as evil and will be destroyed in some way or another. So the reader gets to feel that she is special without fear of having her ordinariness exposed by accuracy.


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